Sunday, October 31, 2004

A short note on a trio o' discs you kids might enjoy: First up is the Boonaraaas Go Get Goo Goo LP, Lindsay was raving about these girls after witnessing 'm in Kassel, and I was happy to finally nail a copy of this disc in Paris last week. It's a keeper alright; poppy p-rock w/ class basic production that has everything turned up to just/near distorto level. You know the feeling of seeing a band play live and they just get better 'n louder durin' their set, to the point that by the final encore you're sure you've just seen one of the best shows ever, smile on your face, ears ringin' ?. Well, after spinnin' this about a dozen times over the past week I'm pretty sure the Boonaraaas bein' able to deliver just that. The entire disc spells out just one thing: F-U-N !, remember that?. Great choice of covers as well; Oblivians, Carol Kay and, uh, Cliff Richard. A bit less consistent, but still very much worth your while is the Sirens debut full-length. Great garage/glam/teen metal that relies on outside material only, but you can't fault their taste; Hollywood Brats, Gary Glitter, Suzy Quatro and Roky Erickson to name but a few. I've been spinnin' their take on Glycerine Queen at levels way beyond 11 in recent weeks and figure I'll keep on doin' so for some time to come. Imagine what would happen if Joan Jett would make an album backed by the Dirtbombs w/ Mick Collins at the controls. Speakin' of which: there's a limited edition Dirtbombs LP doin' the rounds entitled Live: North of 8 Mile (MFIC Records), it has all the touches of a boot, but what do I know. It sounds like some live-in-the-studio kinda thing. Good, but not essential...
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