Saturday, October 30, 2004

Ben, I hope you're on commission, Amazon just made a sale... however, the tracklist, etc can be found on the Barnes and Noble site.
Of all the stuff that I've read on what's goin' down come 11/2, I think this one really hits the spot. Do I think it'll make a blind bit of difference? Well no, but waking up and smelling the coffee might be a good idea right about now.

Thanks to Teresa for the link...
Last Saturday at this time, we was enjoying the great Roy A. Loney and a tipple or three in Paris. This weekend it's a 5.30am rise to go work as a mercenary and I'm fighting an inner battle with my psyche as to exactly why I signed up. But anyways, that's between me and me. Lotta catch up on music to be doing, I got the new Voladoras booty more of which later when I get titles, etc. As I type, I'm listening to a recording of The Cramps recent Nashville Show which sounds pretty good (merci Patrick!). Having Bill Bateman on drums has made a heckuva difference. He even makes those recent songs swing. No mean feat. Anyways, the Post Office still hasn't stumped up the Suzy Y Los Quattro album which I know was sent more than a week ago so I'm a little peeved about that but the "improvement in service" means that the actual office is never open to drop into anymore. A watched pot never boils and a' that.

I see the world's biggest bogeyman has turned up just in time for Halloween. The newspapers and media is reporting that OBL be cutting into the US elections but if you look closely to the LH side of the picture you can see the glow of his turnip lantern. They were all outta pumpkins this year.

Anyhoo, a grand Halloween to all of you folks, the real guise-ing starts November 3rd. The good lord (or whoever) bless we all.
Ever one to be attempting to elevate the mood, Joss has found some rock-writing entertainment for you. If this photo really is the guy then he could be that "next big thing", whaddaya reckon?

Discovered: the world's best AND worst music writer?

"Things have been pretty bleak lately if you're an NBT kinda perce, so why not cheer yerself up by checking out the wisdom of the world's most unintentionally hilarious rock scribe, namely Michael Donahue of Memphis newspaper The Commercial Appeal. Donahue's way with words would shame even those assholes at the NME, Q, Mojo et al... He's a riot! And he looks like Mick Farren's dumbass cousin! These articles were posted on the ever-entertaining Goner Records message board by the wonderful Ms Andria Lisle, who knows a slice of pie-eyed jounalism is worth its weight in chikken! Enjoy!"

Donahue rediscovers big bands!

Donahue rediscovers rockabilly!

Donahue interviews Chained Angel!

Donahue goes power pop!

Happy Halloween, campers!


Joss Hutton
Sonic Reducer