Thursday, October 28, 2004

Been a woolly kind of a week or more and we ain't out of the forest yet but please, stay tuned. Much as I'd like to be bashin' away at this all day and hanging out - the day to day wear and tear divnae half rain on that particular parade.

Meanwhile, if you find yourself to be fortunate enough to be in the Stockholm locale this coming Sat'day night then here's where you oughtta be headed for...

Crypt Kicker Five
Live at the Popcorn Filmfestival Party.
Saturday, October 30th @ Sodra Bar, Stockholm.
(CK5 on stage 21.00)

No, it's not some dyslexic take on a new strain of mad cow disease, we're talking the amazing Slovenian combo Center za dehumanizacijo (CZD) and satellite projects of it's creator, Dusan Hedl, are now on-line for your investigation and appreciation. Bone up now because they're comin' for all of you.
Brother Joss weighs in with this Great news fer vinyl addicts!

"Pissed-off that the latest CD reissues have loadsa kool bonus tracks that'll never see the inside of yer jukebox, or be spun at 45rpm, like they oughta? Pissed off that the way-kool 45 you really, really want is outta yer price range? Missed the vinyl boat on yer current fave album?

Bottom line is: you gotta feed that habit somehow, right?

Well, guyz & gurlz, help is finally at hand! You must ken that ya can get one-off dub plates (metal covered with a soft vinyl layer) cut at most mastering studios, but they wear out after ten plays-or-so, making 'em next to useless (unless you're King Tubby or summat) ... HOWEVER, you can now get kool, clear vinyl singles (7", 10" & 12") cut off'a CDR or even MP3, which last as long as regular rekkids! GREAT birthday or Xmess presents! Or maybe just to treat yerselves, like ...

Check out VINYLCARVERS, where there's info, and links to reviews o'their custom wax ... Me? I've just ordered three jukebox 45s (with large centre holes, no less!) ... Stay tuned for a proper, NBT-friendly review ..."


Joss 'BigKegShandy' Hutton, Sonic Reducer Tag Team