Wednesday, October 20, 2004

While Rhino is set to release an "alternative" 80s box-set entitled Left Of The Dial, we here at NBT are more eagerly lookin' forward to the long promised Children Of Nuggets set, tho' there's some serious head scratchin' goin' on over some of the more dubious selections that made it to the set's shortlist. Comments on this?.
"Eddie Shaw from the legendary Monks answers's Questions Of Doom about being in thee first legendary proto-punk band of the sixties, being in an American feedback freak-out band in ''66 Germany, inventing noise music, the album 'Black Monk Time' and well ... the history of one of the most important punk bands ever. This is a fantastic interview from an amazing band".
Snarky Ramone sent in this link for The Village Voice...

Last Ramones Standing by John Piccarella... Marky and Tommy discuss Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, the documentary, the stage musical, the DVD, and drumming.

Not necessarily in that order...

I have no idea how many shopping days it is until Santa comes but what i do know is that this audiobook crew specialize in wares that make fine gifts for the discerning so and so that has pretty much everything...

Joss "Memphis" Hutton wishes it to be known that...

Artprojx and Victoria Miro Gallery presents

UK premiere of William Eggleston's legendary experimental film, in the presence of the artist on Sunday 21 November 6pm - 8pm at the Prince Charles Cinema · 7 Leicester Place · London WC2

This one-off film, true cinéma vérité, was shot in the 1970s on early handicam and captures the beginning of a profoundly disenchanted decade. Drawing on intuition and ego Eggleston's scathing study of Memphis's shady underground exposes a world of wild nights, hard liquor, rock, drugs and firearms, of which he was a principal hell raiser.

Born in Memphis in 1939, William Eggleston has, for almost fifty years, photographed American life and in particular the southern states. Hailed as the father of colour photography, his ability to find beauty in the banal has changed the way we look at the world.

Stranded in Canton will be released on DVD later this year. Tickets £10 from Prince Charles Cinema Box Office 020 7494 3654 Further information & ticket discount ARTUPDATE.COM/LONDON

Another cool picture gallery featurin' many NBT faves: Mindless Music Photos.