Monday, October 18, 2004

The Susquehanna Industrial Tool and Die Company site is up and atcha.
It’s Monday again. Yippee, (not). So how is it? All though the week at work it’s like somebody threw “The Magic Boomerang”? How many of you are old enough to remember that 60’s Australian show or have even heard of it?? Anyway, time stands still all during the day, Monday to Friday, and accelerates in the evenings and at weekends. Can’t some of these quantum physicists or something get this sorted.?

That was quite a rant I “inspired” Mr Stigliano to let loose after posting the freeway blog thing yesterday. Shemp, Jesus, they’re all the same to me chief. After November 2nd we’ll all (that’s the collective global village and beyond) have to live with the backwash of what’s gonna go down (United) Stateside. I think we should club together and get Chris one of those “cuddle cross” things to keep him safe in his cabin in the woods. Enough with the flippancy, reality will bite, as sure as eggs is eggs…