Friday, December 31, 2004

A COLD NIGHT IN HULL... new Amy Rigby diary entry...
The constant media bombardment of what's gone down in Indonesia, etc. is bordering on the ghoulish. The utter devastation and loss is unfathomable and only goes to show what the elements are capable of. In a nowhere near comparable situation, a few years ago in San Francisco, I had something of an altercation with the ocean. Down to my own stupidity granted but the thought or prospect of drowning was accentuated for me that day and let's just say this kinda brings it all back. I was lucky, many thousands in this instance didn't have a prayer. They were snuffed out going about their daily business, not by "the terrorists" that our governments use as bogeymen to jump all over our privacy but by the earth itself. To come back to something I've probably said before, it's never those that deserve such a fate that have to stare it down. Under such circumstances, the prospect of "a happy new year (when it comes)" isn't really an option for the people who have been affected. Now even more than ever, I have exactly nada to whine about.

Anyway, in an attempt to lighten the darkness around us and in answer to several requests, I've put together a small resumé of "mere entertainment" that has coloured my 2004. In no particular order than alphabetical then...


Dave Alvin - Ashgrove (YepRoc)
Eric Ambel - Knucklehead (Lakeside Lounge)
Boonaraaas - Go Get Goo Goo (Thunderbaby)
Demolition Doll Rods - On (Swami)
Electrocute - Troublesome Bubblegum (Emperor Norton)
Fatboy - Steelhearted (Look Left)
Peter C. Johnson - Soul Sherpa (Hi-n-Dry)
Messer Chups - Vamp Babes (Solnzer)
Reigning Sound - Too Much Guitar (In The Red)
The Scoundrelles - Organic Molecules In Action! (Negative)
The Solution - Communicate! (Sweet Nothing/Wild Kingdom)
Suzy Y Los Quattro - Ready To Go (No Tomorrow)


CZD/Boonaraaas - Lolitabar, Kassel, Germany
Rocket From The Tombs/Alternative TV - IngSchulze, Kassel, Germany
Barracudas/Nomads - La Maroquinerie - Paris, France
Roy Loney (acoustic) - La Maroquinerie - Paris, France
Dave Alvin and the Guilty Men - Renfrew Ferry, Glasgow
Jerry "The Geator" Blavatt at Bubba Mac's, Somer's Point, NJ

Special Achievement Andy Dunkley Award -
The Sonic Reducer Wrecking Crew on (UK) tour with The Detroit Cobras

TV Moment

Sopranos Season 5 - Uncle Junior watching Larry David on TV and thinking it was him.


End Of The Century
Bubba Ho-Tep
I Like Killing Flies

New albums comin' atcha in 2005... Amy Allison, Angel Corpus Christi, Hacienda Brothers, Amy Rigby, The Star Spangles, Stereo Total, Voladoras and a ton more I'm sure. The Bambi Molesters will also be touring Europe soon so watch this here infoportal for dates as they become available.
Artie Shaw has left the theatre...

(Photo from

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Whilst clearing up to get to thinking about taking on this upcoming 2005 thing, I came across a bunch of cd’s that are looking for good homes. So I’m offering these up for adoption. One per household, all you gotta do is supply yer snail mail address by sending an e-mail specifying your preferred title via the contact button on yer left there. All the names received up to midnight on Hogmanay (31st December GMT) will go into the tartan bunnett and a list of successful claimants will be published on New Years Day, i’ll pick up the postage tab. Maybe as some kinda gesture you could make a donation to the Tsunami Relief Fund but that’s up to you.

The items that be up for grabs are:

Redd Kross: Show World. - Great record. You should have it already but just incase…

The Bamboo Kids – latest on Get Hip

The Priests – Tall Tales (Get Hip)

Sleepykid – Monday Morning Smile (Get Hip)

It Was 40 Years Ago Today – A Tribute to The Beatles. (Bullseye Canada): A 2 cd set. I don’t like The Beatles and I don’t need a tribute to them no matter how well intentioned.

I Was A Teenage Munster – Great sampler that includes The Gun Club. Real Kids and Demolition Doll Rods plus plenty more.

So there y’go… good luck with making a score…
A concerned citizen from SF, California has just brought this to my attention...

Not One Damn Dime Day" - Jan 20, 2005 (Mark your calendars now)

"Since our religious leaders will not speak out against the war in Iraq, since our political leaders don't have the moral courage to oppose it, Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20th, 2005 is "Not One Damn Dime Day" in America. On "Not One Damn Dime Day" those who oppose what is happening in our name in Iraq can speak up with a 24-hour national boycott of all forms of consumer spending.

During "Not One Damn Dime Day" please don't spend money. Not one dime for gasoline. Not one dime for necessities or for impulse purchases. Not one dime for nothing for 24 hours. Please don't go to the mall or the local convenience store. Please don't buy any fast food (or any groceries at all for that matter). For 24 hours, please do what you can to shut the retail economy down.

The object is simple. Remind the people in power that the war in Iraq is immoral and illegal; that they are responsible for starting it and that it is their responsibility to stop it.

"Not One Damn Dime Day" is to remind them, too, that they work for the people of the United States of America, not for the international corporations and K Street lobbyists who represent the corporations and funnel cash into American politics.

"Not One Damn Dime Day" is about supporting the troops. The politicians put the troops in harm's way. Now 1,200 brave young Americans and (some estimate) 100,000 Iraqis have died. The politicians owe our troops a plan - a way to come home.

There's no rally to attend. No marching to do. No left or right wing agenda to rant about. On "Not One Damn Dime Day" you take action by doing nothing.

You open your mouth by keeping your wallet closed.

For 24 hours, nothing gets spent, not one damn dime, to remind our religious leaders and our politicians of their moral responsibility to end the war in Iraq and give America back to the people."

Why don't we just roll it all out across the whole damn planet? If you don't agree with these reasons for doing it then just do it for devilment. It'll work better with more currencies involved.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

In a (probably vain) attempt to counterbalance some of the excessive food and drink intake during the weekend I went out today for a 20 mile hike, during which I passed Manitobadrive somewhere on the outskirts of town. It doesn't really go anywhere but it is nice to know that some of that Teengenerate spirit rears it's head in cityhall occasionally.
Hot on the heels of the news that she signed with Matador, Radio Scotland will broadcast a segment of the Laura Cantrell show from the Queens Hall, Edinburgh that was recorded last August. It goes out between 11pm and midnight tomorrow night (Wednesday 29th).

Monday, December 27, 2004

Here's something pretty groovy you folks might like to while away yr time with... (thanks for the tip Marty).

The tumbling tumbleweeds are blowing through blogland. There are other fish to fry at the moment but I managed to finish the Suicide book. I think it's pretty good in the main if a tad padded out with peripherals. It's pretty obvious that their influence is everywhere these days and like I said before I'm not down with some of the "scenesters" that've been dragged out as celebrity skin. It could do with more of those who were there at ground zero. It could also do with more photos and posters and the like. I remember back in the days of Simple Minds first rumblings that Jim Kerr was obsessed with Suicide and wore a Red Star badge all the time. Evidence can be found on the sleeve of their first album, Life In A Day. No Compromise might fit the band it covers but there may have been a few of those on the way to publishing. The fact that there is a Suicide book is perhaps enough. I hope that somebody has the chops to publish Joe Bonomo's Fleshtones tome in 2005.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Well here we are. Another Christmas Day and the hatches of the bunker are well and truly batoned down and I expect it to be like I'm the only person here on earth for at least another hour. Coffee and donuts are calling and I'm gonna get to that before I start to type up the "tune info" for my dad's cd album that he made over the course of this past year. It's been quite a project and with the aid of the great Davie Scott, it's turned out pretty good for pipe music. I used to have quite the aversion to the sound of the pipes. Probably because I was dragged to Pipe Band competitions until I was old or savvy enough to opt out. My plan to have him do "Dream Baby Dream" never quite manifested itself but that's another angle for another day. I also have a some great new sonic action to provide the soundtrack to the graft, two tasty comps from Siegfried "Kalle" Kalus and the incredible Vamp Babes by Messer Chups from out there in Moscow where it's probably way colder than it is here right now.

Looking outta the bunker periscope, theres a slight smattering of the white stuff so we're having a (kinda) white christmas. I have no plans to investigate it further than that. There are blizzards just a wee bit up the road but the oil refinery here provides us with a warm glow that keeps the elements at bay (sometimes). To the kettle then... I hope y'all make it outta the other side of today relatively intacto.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Suicide, No Compromise by David Nobakht (S.A.F.).
Ramones (photographs) by Chip Dayton (Omnibus).

The fact that there finally is a book on Suicide has got to be worth something, and after having finished it's last few pages earlier tonight, I can do naught but recommend it to anyone with even the slightest interest in the band. Because, yes, this book tells Vega and Rev's story in detail. Working methods, factual data and a bunch of, at least to me, new facts. And for just that it gets the thumbs up, case closed blippety blah... But one thing really annoyed me here; once again this book is mainly a cut 'n paste job. Besides the quotes from those involved, there's also way too much room for these dumbfuck popstars whose inclusion is either to sell some extra copies or return some of their long lost street cred. And why bother to include a line from every other Suicide review that was ever published?, is it because the writer himself is unable to explain the beauty, importance or whatever of the band, or that maybe he just can't be bothered?. Another thing: the book goes at length tellin' us that there wouldn't have been no Soft Cell, Depeche Mode, Ministry or techo/electro garbage if it wasn't for Suicide, which certainly ain't no compliment from my particular point of view. Hardly, or no mention is made of the Scientists, Spaceman 3 or Chrome Cranks, bands that actually understood Suicide's r'n'r edge. There is a serious difference between the music of Vega and Rev and that which merely serves as a soundtrack for excessive male bonding rituals. Anyway, it's something that infects 90% of all rock books, so it's maybe a bit harsh to single out Nobakht as a main target, but I just had to get that of my chest.
The latest addition to the Ramones' bookshelf really can't be described as anything else but a hackjob. Sure, there some great images in here (all from the 70s), but there's no explanation whatsoever about the who's, why's or where's. Nor is it chronological as Tommy and Marky appear and disappear seemingly at random. If only a bit thought had went into this it could have been so much better and actually worthwhile. But hey, a quick buck is a quick buck...

A typical scotsman limbering up for the impending festivities. Don't try the shortbread trick at home, this man is a professional. Anyways, got a lotta Santa type running about to do now. Have a good one troops...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Holiday greetings, dear friend-

Won't you please join Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co. for a hearty, three-course, bi-borough helping of Christmas cheer to close out the year (in the festive form of our patented "ballads, boogies & blues", naturally)? Think of it as a turkey dinner, just without the carbs that seem to trouble so many. Ho ho ho!


538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan ~ Two sets, from 8:00 until 10:00 sharp ~ No cover!

709 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn ~ One set at 10:00 ~ No cover!

538 East 14th Street (just west of Avenue B) in Manhattan ~ Two sets, from 8:00 until 10:00 sharp ~ And, yet again, no cover!

Figured it'd be a poignant exercise to stop by the place I worked for 26-ish years up to April there. Took this photo to make into a Christmas card that would speak directly to those who would still rather be there as well as raise a middle digit to those who "love the new digs". It's true, the new place has an amazing view from where I sit. Maybe I'll share it with you one of these days. The brainwashed and the buttlickers (some are both) can often be heard lauding the panoramic vista. It's the party line and it sickens me. I used to like to head for the hills with visitors, etc but now I feel like heading for the metaphorical hills.

Back to my crappy wee office where you could see exactly nothing outta the window but where you didn't have to earwig the most gut-wrenchingly inane conversations. Where you could just shut the door and get on with yer work. Those were the days. As were some of the good times that were had in this old howff. Soon the land it stood on will be awash with new, vastly overpriced houses. Filled with people with more money than sense that never knew the characters who made it bearable over the years. They know who they are, wherever they may be, on this earth or elsewhere. However as Mr Thunders put it, "you can't put yer arms around a memory" and this just compounds the humiliation.

Monday, December 20, 2004

Interested in downloading a recent concert recording by the Fleshtones for free? has an 18 song live album recorded by the 'tones back in the summer as part of Little Steven's Battle of the Bands in Chicago. The files are in the MP3 format and the track listing runs something like this:

House of Rock; Right on Woman; Do You Swing?; Destination Greenpoint, USA; 10 Dollars More; Ready For the Mountain; Double Dipper; The Dreg; I Want More; I Wanna Feel Something Now; Hard Lovin' Man; Tearing Me Apart; Girl From Baltimore; Love Machine; Burnin' Hell; My Kind of Lovin' / The Crossroads; Alright.

eMusic is a subscription site although there is currently a special offer of 50 free tracks in return for registering your details with them. Please note that you will need to download the eMusic Download Manager (1.3Mb) in order to save the tracks to your PC/Mac.

Are you ready to swing? If so, then head for:

Sunday, December 19, 2004

2004: You asked for it...

1.Reigning Sound - Too Much Guitar
2.Boonaraaas - Go Get Goo Goo
3.Ghetto Ways - Ghetto Ways
4.Blues Explosion - Damage
5.22-20's - 22-20's
6.Sirens - Sirens
7.Hives - Tyranosaurus Hives
8.Solution - Communicate!
9.The Girls - The Girls
10.Sack-O'-Woes - Sack-O'-Woes

1. v/a - Super Funk 4
2.Reverend Charlie Jackson - God's Got It
3.v/a - Fort Worth Teen Scene 1-3

MC 5/DTK - Amsterdam
Fleshtones/Metal Urbain - Lille
Nomads/Barracudas/Roy Loney - Paris
Reigning Sound - Utrecht
Been reading the Suicide book which finally arrived. It's pretty good but the Bobby Gillespie quote on the front is typical of his nebby persona. I have never rated Primal Scream but accept that they can "stage manage" an amalgam of the greatest groups which ever existed without going out as an abject "covers" band. Boners tuppence worth is on the book jacket too and doesn't anybody (particularly publishers) get that people don't seem to pick stuff up on the back of recommendations of other folks in groups anymore. If they did then The Reigning Sound would rule the world right now then we really could have a Merry Christmas (right, Joss?). Anyways, Mr Stigliano's view of NO COMPROMISE is available for you in the BTC suite so go check that out. I'll get back to you when I've digested the whole thing.

Meanwhile, Murray R has dug up some stuff that you might like to check out... first the unearthing of yet more STOOGES recorded dirt on Easy Action Records.

A Ramone-related interview with Ricky Bacchus

... and finally, Murray's combo SHOCK and AWE (which could be translated also into Shock an'a' depending on your Scots dialect) is playing in Edinburgh soon and there are also some mp3's for you to check out. Murray is currently recovering from seeing The Rezillos in Edinburgh last night. Gran'paw didn't go because he was washing what's left of his hair...

Actually that's not true. The last time I saw them was at the dreaded Garage in Glasgow and the show, well let's just say it wasn't terrific. Too many new songs with Fay dominating the whole thing. Thankfully they appear to be back on form so we missed out this time. Them is the breaks...

Saturday, December 18, 2004

I found out the other day that my Yahoo Group thing has been bouncing back messages. Typical. In catching up I found this from Ben that should be up you folks street. I'm a little so-so on these tribute things but the Girl Trouble and Doll Rod inclusions make it pretty much mandatory.

"UNRECORDING RECORDS is very proud to annouce their debut release.
It will be 2XLP, first 500 with bonus 7'. You'll love it. Thanks."

2. COWBOYS FROM OUTER SPACE: preaching the blues
3. THE COME ONS: promise me
4. BARE ASS MINIMUMS: she's like heroin to me
5. THE COOL JERKS: for the love of Ivy
6. THE MAGNETIX: fire spirit

1. DEMOLITION DOLL RODS with Niagara: ghost on the highway
2. BLANCHE: jack on fire
3. MIGHTY GO GO PLAYERS: black train
4. SPEEDBALL BABY: cool drink of water
5. FLYTRAP: goodbye watermelow johnny

1. DM BOB AND THE DEFICITS: mother of earth
2. THE OUBLIETTES: my dreams
3. THE FATALS: sleepin' in blood city
4. THE DIRTBOMBS: lupita scream
5. GIRL TROUBLE: death party
6. THE JAKES: the stranger in our town

1. SONIC CHICKEN 4: like calling up the thunder
3. THE REBEL(aka B.R.WALLERS): devil in the woods
4. SUNDAY ADA: the house of highland ave
5. TEPPAZ ET NAZ: devil in the woods
6. GUITAR FUCKER: your man's feelin low
7. THE DEAD BROTHERS: mother of earth

BONUS45: (500/1000Lp)
Side A: LUCAS TROUBLE: mother of earth
Side B: ULTRALOVE: mother of earth"

Friday, December 17, 2004

The anticipation of the new Stereo Total album comin' out to save the planet is almost too much but the French Fan Site has the skinny for y'all... it also mentions that Brezel has a solo thing going on in...

"PARIS : Stereo Total spend december in Paris. Brezel takes some french course, while Francoise goes shopping. Both of them will be at l'Ile Enchantée, december 23, for a free Brezel solo performance. The address : 65 Bd de La Villette, 75010 Paris. Metro station : Colonel Fabien. Achtung, 21h sharp! You can see the flyer I did on the right, with the Alexanderplatz on a DDR red background. Mister Goering should also has a new solo vinyl coming soon."

Wish we could go...
As the season of faux goodwill really gets to kicking in, I'm sitting here listening to The Bitch Boys cds that arrived today. More about those when they're properly digested. This Slovenian Surf action is just what the doc ordered as a remedy to the piped crap that soiled my lug'oles earlier this afternoon. Yep, The "Best" Christmas Album Of All Eternity was doing heavy rotation in the few stores I dragged myself into. I had a dentists appoinment but the real suffering came in the shape of them terrible tunes that get dusted off each October to December 25th that the scumhordes like to provide the sorry soundtrack to their Nobby Williams infested lives. It powers their pathetic feeding frenzy like an eight pack of Duracells. I know it shouldn't bother me but it does. Why is anybody surprised that internet shopping is up 100% or whatever? Because there's f-all in the shops. Or at least most of them. And who wouldn't rather have their gear delivered to their home as opposed to trudging around a bunch off ill-stocked, impulse buyer traps. Anyways, those BB waves are lapping over me and all is relatively right with what passes for the world. My short dabble in the madness wasn't pretty and the manoeuvres probably aren't over so I imagine there'll be some bobbing and weaving going on over the weekend. Some kicking and screaming and dragging too but we'll see.

Yours aye,

Seasons Greetin' Face, the original Bah Humbugger

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Not much time for goofing off in the ol' locale at the minute, what passes for normal service will resume in due course.
"Wir ain" Laura Cantrell is recording an album for worldwide release on Matador Records in Spring 2005.
A chat with the Devil Babe hersel', Isabel Samaras.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Mr Percival has directed we to this excellent Ramones Discography. How complete can too complete be!

The Seasonal Entertainment continues....

If some of you are in Fr.stad, Norway on friday... The Crypt presents:

THE ROKYS (Sweden) + THE MOODS (Oslo, Norway)
Friday 17th December 2004 kl. 21.00 Dis Cafe, Fredrikstad, Norway

Swedish tribute to the great Rocky Erickson with guest artist, supported by excellent Norwegian band The Moods. With member from such great bands as Lust-O-Rama, Peau De Peche and Highrollers, performing their mix of soul, freakbeat and garagerock. So get in the Xmas spirit with some great music. And as alway supries to the first 50 guest and The Cryps excellent DJ¹s spinning disc.

Best, Tom Erik Kristoffersen, Sneakers Records

Sunday, December 12, 2004

OK, time to explain my absence on this here NBT blog.; been working on a thing I named the DUTCH PUNK AND NEW WAVE 45s DISCOGRAPHY 1975-1979. Go take a look if you're inclined to such matters, any additional info and/or scans are really appreciated!.
The latest news from Brooklyn is that the Master Plan are currently laying down songs for their next LP in a studio in Williamsburg. Once the basic tracks are done then overdubs will be recorded at Andy Shernoff's apartment. This disc will be a very homemade affair but expect the usual high quality songwriting and a positive attitude. The licensing details are still to be finalised.

The Fleshtones are slated to go into Rick Miller’s studio from January 11th to the 16th. Keith Streng indicates that the idea is to do half of the record with Rick and then do the other half in Detroit with Jim Diamond at Ghetto Recordings. The band start with Jim on March 31st and finish on April 4th. This is once again for Yep Roc Records and the potential release date is set for the end of August '05.
The Crypt Kicker 5 are a punked-up Garage skiffle ensemble from Stockholm that include Joachim Nomad amongst their number. They have a fine cd single not exactly commercially available entitled Redeemer which you privileged folks can maybe get your mitts on via the aforementioned gent. Contact him via The Nomads site (which as you know is on the sidebar there) and expect a quasi-gospel fervour to their sweary rattle and hum that I think y'all would dig.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Hello out there in Rezillo-land... RADIO CLYDE SESSION... The Rezillos Radio Clyde session will be broadcast on Sunday 12th December on the Billy Sloan show (7:00 PM - 10:00 PM). For those in the UK with Wireless contraptions, Radio Clyde is available for your listening pleasure at 102.5 - Listen in on the 'net by clicking here and hitting "LISTEN LIVE". During the broadcast time of course...

Not sure if this stuff is available after the fact but e-mail 'em and ask if you see fit.
These Spanish kids sure have a way with words...

We still watch Top of the Pops. Shocking I know because we could be watching Coronation Street or some obscure dvd or something. We could even be out socialising but bugger that for a game of soldiers. Anyway, we watch it whilst flicking channels whenever something particularly heinous comes on. There's a lot of flicking...

Anyway last night, a group called babyshambles were on there. They include that utter pillock from the equally boke-inducing Libertines that are (allegedly) all the rage. He looks like a gene-crash between Mark E Smith and Jarvis Cocker. As for his band, they're not babies but they are a shambles and not in a good way - so he's half-right. Anyway, in my opinion this waste of space has been copping some Ian Wilson moves. And I'll be darned if the stylist for the guitarist to the left of him isn't going for the Tommy Volume look. I want it noted here and now that when the Star Spangles come back to promote their next album, and some sad sack compares them to Doherty's latest exercise in average, well, there'll be a ruckus. Anybody who is daft enough to want to pay to see these losers in London this week (I think?) oughtta get there early to see The IV's. They've got the beat on how it oughtta be done.
Murray Ramone imparted the news that a lot of you kids have been waiting for. You've read the reviews, now you'll actually be able to see the film countrywide (I hope).

Thursday, December 09, 2004

The silly season is comin' in dead stick but hang in there. The scumhordes are polishing up their false bonhomie as we speak but they won't get we. Anyways, I know it's been thin pickin's this week but we'll rectify that in due course. At this point, I leave for the office and it's pitch black. By coming home time it's dark too and the general "darkness" (and we ain't talking that caterwauling dork here) generated during the day has kinda run down my blogging batteries a tad. I'm sure the other guys are equally tied up. So yeah... I guess you get the drift?

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Martin Percival coming at you barely functioning after 2 Rezillos gigs and driving 750 miles in the last 48 hours...

The first Rezillos gigs in 21 months were both terrific. Was all the travelling worth it? Definitely! The action started on Friday morning with me picking up the 4 US fans who had journeyed over for the dates (Kitty, Tony & Justin from NYC and Andrew from Chicago) from the 3 different flights they were coming in on at Heathrow. What could have been a disaster from a co-ordination viewpoint actually clicked - much though I hate them, what would we do without mobile phones at times like that?! So by 12.30 we were on the road heading up the M1 to Newcastle.

A journey that should have taken 6 hours max ended up taking over 8 due to heavy traffic and some pretty crap driving conditions. The lights of Newcastle were therefore a very welcome sight as we eventually drove over the Tyne bridges and into Jesmond where the gig was to take place in Archer's, a local music pub. The gig had deliberately been kept low key with billings of "Mystery Action" on for several weeks and "Insangel" on the local promoter's poster with a 1977 vintage Rezillos live photo for artwork. Clearly the locals had figured it all out though, word had spread and 200 tickets had already been sold for the 150 capacity venue a few days before the gig - oh boy!

I'll not spoil the surprise for the people seeing them in Scotland soon by saying too much about the evenings set but, suffice to say, the 5 very strong new songs plus the cover of Edwin Starr's "25 miles" went down very well as did the appearance of the Pretty Thing's "Rosalyn" in a Rezillos set for the first time since 1977!

The Newcastle gig did suffer from a poor pa, a very over sold venue and, by their own admittance a slightly under rehearsed band but it was still a terrific night and I don't think anyone there will have been disappointed. I met a local guy called Steve who told me he'd been waiting 26 years for the gig!

So the next morning it was up and out to head back to London for the show at the LA2/Mean Fiddler/whatever they call the venue now. Fortunately the journey was straight forward, with even time to sample the delights of the "Selectadisc" record store in Nottingham on the way!

The gig wasn't quite sold out but, on a Saturday night ("there's sure gonna be a fight"....we'll come on to that later!) that also saw the Undertones headlining at the much smaller Garage venue in Highbury just a few miles away, it was a very decent turn out and the venue must have been at least 80% full to capacity. The audience was surprisingly wild by London standards with much crowd surfing and at least 4 or 5 stage invaders, including one guy who Eugene rode like a horse during "Destination Venus" and another who Eugene used as a "demonstration prop" to punctuate the second encore of "Head Kicked in Tonight" - ouch! A wild, wild night! The set was also changed around quite a bit from Newcastle and saw the welcome reappearance of "No". The rough edges of the previous show had been smoothed out at soundcheck and the band were on top form.

Anyone going to Sheffield tonight or the Scottish dates in 2 weeks time should prepare themselves for a real treat! Be sure to take some of your christmas pressie cash with you too as there's a very nice line in t-shirts and other stuff on Willy's merch stall.

So what does the future hold? A recent Radio Clyde session and interview with Billy Sloan should be broadcast very soon and 2005 will see the release of this session together with the bands 2 John Peel sessions from 1977 and 1978 on the Damaged Goods label under the billing of "Rezillos Radio Times". Next year will also see a return visit to the US for another tour following on from the successes of the bands 2002 trip.

Anyone who's a fan of high energy live shows in a rocky/poppy/punk style will still love the Rezillos!
Some time ago now I brought THE BAMBI MOLESTERS Sonic Bullets album to your attention. Not your average bunch of instro toting folks by any stretch of the wildest imagination. And now it seems that the world will be able to catch on to this Eastern European phenomenon, because they’re getting ready to play all over Europe and beyond when Warners unleash their wares upon the world. But who are they? Well go do your homework. I'll try to describe what they sound like but words can’t exactly do their angle on cinematic instrumental music justice. There’s a sense of isolation which infuses the end product with a hybrid vigour lost on many a mere “surf combo”. Those who interfere with the little woodland creature swing and then some.

Sonic Bullets is fleshed out by Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey, Chris Eckman and Eduardo Martinez but its the band itself which makes it really tick. When you go to their site there are all kinds of audio and video clips for you to check out which endorse the fact that we’re dealing with something special here. Something that goes an extra couple yards. They’ve also made an album as THE STRANGE with The Walkabouts Chris Eckman which you can investigate on the site also. The moody and evocative “Nights of Forgotten Films” which provides something way beyond themes for imaginary westerns. There’s a sinewy slow burn to their music which stretches a broad canvas before you to pretty much give you free reign to let that mind of yours off the leash for a bit. So let’s hope they come and hit up places close to all of us. The merest chance that they might is enough to make me want 2005 to get its bahookie over here sooner rather than later.
Mr M. Percival Esq sent me a link to the LOWDOWN review of End of the Century but I think we've od'd on those for now. However, this Danish webzine is pretty good and there's a bunch of things on there for NBT readers to have a wee tootle aboot...

Looking for some Christmas Music that won't make you spew? Well our pal Jon Graboff has just the package for you in the shape of FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.

Hey troops... this (literally) just in from Brother Don in SF...


Subtitled How an Original Velvet Underground Acetate Wound Up in Portland
(And Could Be the Most Expensive Record in the World!)
Watched the Brian Wilson Smile documentary that David Leaf made about the reinvention of the piece that helped tip BW over the edge. It's very good and should warm the cockles of the very hardest heart. Clocking it also reminded me that I hadn't hepped you folks to Neo.

A NY-based project of Marc Silvert who was in The Revelons, responsible for the timeless (The Way You Touch) My Hand - as popularised by those Nomads. Anyways, not only is it a trip for Beach Boys enthusiasts, it also sounds like Todd Rundgren playing cream of Glasgow pop with a little TFC and a lot of Pearlfisherisms in there. Buy this one via CD Baby or contact Marc directly at to score a copy.

Talking about The Pearlfishers, their "A Sunflower At Christmas" finds Davie + Co in their own Winter Wonderland on Marina Records. A place where BW, Burt Bacharach and that Ennio Morricone geezer come together to make a sound that nearly only they (and Neo) can.
Playlist: It's been about two months so I figure it's about time for another playlist from this end. Been on a serious Flamin' Groovies bender once again, a re-occurring habit of course, with their Sire-era material gettin' the most frequent spins on the Hi-Fi. Too bad this material is currently hardly available in any decent format, with the Groovies' Greatest Grooves CD bein' a surrogate thingy at best as it omits such eternal faves like Take Me Back and Good Laugh Mun. It's such an obvious job for Rhino to put matters straight here, but maybe they're too busy compiling more Grateful Dead box-sets. Anyways, besides the above two, Between The Lines, I Can't Hide and You Tore Me Down round up my current Groovies top 5. More pop tunes; Chris Stamey - The Summer Sun, Chilton produced masterpiece that works especially well in these dark days before christmas. Pretenders - Stop Your Sobbing, their first and best, with Nick Lowe at the controls they turn this Ray Davies song into a big Spector-ish production job, easily one of the best girl group 45s of the 70s along w/ X-Offender. Bram Tchaikovsky - Sarah Smiles (original 45 version), a minor radio hit over here way back in the day that still blows me away every time I hear it, what ever happened to Bram?. Nomads - Crystal Ball, our Swedish friends at their poppiest , best spun back-to-back w/ the Ramones' Poison Heart. Dwight Twilley Band - Sincerely, genius 1975 psychedelic-pop masterpiece, backwards guitars 'n all. On to the other stuff; Turbines - Wah-Hey, pulled this out after hearin' the A-Bones version again on the recent 2CD set, way big soundin' twang w/ a chorus that's perfect to sing along to when drunk. Blues Explosion - Burn It Off, the perfect tune to get elderly Stones fans out of their self-inflicted coma, would have been a highlight on Exile On Main Street. 22-20s - Devil In Me (see below). Paladins - Follow Your Heart, these guys often get a bit too workman-like, but this early 45 is easily their finest moment. Unholy Trinity - Rise To The Occasion (mini LP), recommended by Mark Giddens in response to my last playlist, I scored a copy of this for 99 cents on eBay. When the Sid Presley Experience split all attention focused to the Godfathers, but the other remaining SPE members came up w/ this pretty solid, but completely overlooked, 6 track disc. Most of the material stems from the SPE setlist if memory serves me right and only suffers from a typically weak 80s production job. Good stuff tho' (thanks Mark!). More general, the followin' have been doin' the 33/45 rounds as well; James Brown, CCR, Boonaraaas, Poison 13, Carl Perkins (nothin' beats his country weepers on Sun!) and in tribute to the recently departed Errol Thompson such long standing reggae faves like Culture's Two Sevens Clash, the African Dub series and Prince Far I's Under Heavy Manners. That's it for this go 'round, more as it happens...

Saturday, December 04, 2004

RIP: Willem Duyn. Besides bein' responsible for some of the worst music imaginable, Duyn was also leadsinger in the final line-up of the Jay-Jays.
One of the few positive aspects of this past week was to hear from BEN WEASEL. As you know (or maybe don't), Screeching Weasel was a very special beastie indeed which I came to late in their existence. Always way more than just Ramonealongapunk as some lazy bastards with cloth ears might have you believe, their body of work is unreservedly recommended. As is that of The Riverdales, who I found out had a third album out that I never knew about. Check into Weasel Manor and have a ferret aboot. (I couldnae resist that... a wee bit of uncharacteristic levity)

What a combination - a great band in one of the finest bars on earth!

"C'mon - misbehave with Miss Beehives!

I'm pleased to inform that your favourite hair-high ladies' orchestra will be turning five on December 11th. Celebration will run amok in the basement at Garlic & Shots, Stockholm from 9pm. If you can't be there in body - make sure you attend in spirits and raise your glass to us... xxx"

Those VOLADORAS lassies have completed work on their full length debut and it's a stoatir. More about that down the road apiece though...
Flyin' Brian requests it be known that "Newcastles very own('n' unwanted) kings of BUZZPUNKPOWERPOPROCKACTIONDELUXE, THE ILLEGAL MOVERS head out to their home from home in Spain for a lost weekend...

9th December: Madrid - Sala Juglar w/ los suckin' dicks

10th Decemmber: Madrid - Sala Custom w/ los chicos/lascivos (party for r'n'r photo site )

11th December: Valencia - Sala Mogambo

12th December: Ulldecona - La Ermita

Fresh swag in the new year will include a split 45 with The Real Losers on Ken Rock(both bands crankin out a home baked toon 'n' a cover of The Zeros "Beat Your Heart Out), a new album (inc. a cover of the 'tators Loyola) 'n' a usa jaunt."

Friday, December 03, 2004

This month's releases from Ace Records.

Hey Brethren,

Well, yer ever-lovin' 'Reducer Tag Team survived a mammoth run of 11 DJ dates during November, despite the combined power of Rachel Nagy's left hook, the world's largest breweries and the vagaries of the British Rail timetable ... Consequently, we're pleased as punch-drunk to reveal that the Sonic Reducer crew have got the festive season sorted for all'a yer drinkin', dancin', and falling-over needs ...

Saturday December 11th will see a special guest DJ (whose fave festive record is Clarence Carter's Back Door Santa) take a turn on the wheels of polycarbonate, while our good pal Andy 'the Perry' Perry makes a hasty return to the fray on the 17th, to help celebrate Joss's birthday (the old scrote).

Dinnae forgit, we're now spinning them platters until 1.30am, and our last sesh was packed-aht, so get there 'Liz Hurley' in the evening, if you want enuff room to let yer backbone REALLY slip.

Much respect to y'all, and be sure to have a ball, cos if you can remember Christmas afterwards, you weren't giving it yer all!

Be good to yer peoples! And raise a glass (or three) for those who have gone...


Joss & Joe

Thursday, December 02, 2004

The latest edition of the online trakMARX magazine features (ao) Crime, Kris Needs, Billy Childish, Wreckless Eric, Jowe Head, plus a 56 page history of the Damned in PDF format.
Mr Tony Thewlis just contacted me to intimate that KEVIN COYNE passed away last night. No other info at present. Our thoughts are with Rob and Eugene and also their other family members.

However, it looks like circumstances will prevail that we'll be exactly no place. Not even attending The Radio Sweethearts re-grouping at Lauries in Glasgow tha' nicht. Apologies for the lack of posting and general correspondence right about now. Circumstances are prevailing which are somewhat outta my control but as always this'll wane - hopefully sooner rather than yon other option.
However, if I was in Madrid tonight - I'd be here...

Tonight (Dee-zember 2nd) in NYC at Otto's Shrunken Heid...

If I was there... I'd be there.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Who ever heard of musicians actually getting paid?

Picked this up from the Groovies message board and tis by "wir ain" Ms Marlowe no less. Go stake your claim folks...

Monday, November 29, 2004

Spend a lot of time diggin' thru' the latest issue of Ugly Things this weekend and suffice to say it's another winner. I kinda feared that a third installment of the Misunderstood story would be stretchin' things but the truth is that I read the piece in one sitting and am actually lookin'' forward to part 4!. Great stuff also on the likes of the Twiliters (Roller Land!), the Creatures and Plastic Bertrand. Another list of 70s DIY 45s is stretchin' things tho', with many repeats from previous lists and the same conclusions bein' drawn over 'n over again, it's time the raise the standard here and go beyond the rare/tasty/mucho-dinero talk and start tracing some of the people involved and let them have their say. That out of the way, I can do naught but recommend this to one 'n all. Get it direct from the source or go bug your local book or wax emporium, but get it by all means...

Promised to keep you posted on the little ones as soon as they arrived. And whadda you know; the latest batch of Norton 45s landed on my doorstep late last week, so let's dig in. On top of the stack is an EP by Pretty Boy (AKA Don Covay) featurin' his wild 1958 45 Switchin' In The Kitchen/Rockin' The Mule plus two previously unreleased tunes, all heavily inspired by the Reverent Richard Penniman. And just like Otis Redding's recordings with the Pinetoppers these songs just wail man, wail!. Morgen David & the Grapes Of Wrath serve up a entirely different, but equally tasty, stew of primitive mid 60s garage poundin', with both Little Girl Gone and Don't Want You No More deliverin' the goods. Herbie Duncan is a household name wherever there's an appreciation for bizarro rockabilly. His godlike Hot Lips Baby/Little Angel 45 gets the redcarpet re-issue treatment here w/ beautiful packaging and linernotes by longtime Duncan fan Deke Dickerson. Hound Dog/Be-Bop-a-lu-La by Gene Vincent & the Blue Caps, as record for the Alan Freed Show in '56, serves as a fine addition to Norton's extensive re-issue program on Gene & Co. Northwest Grease rounds up four rare tunes by the likes of Lord Dent & the Invaders and The Mighty El Dukes, if you dig Norton's Wolfcall comp as much as I do, this comes highly recommended. Gettin' back to the here 'n now, the Reigning Sound are the latest to be featured in the label's series of X-mass 45s, and once again they prove to be one of thee best bands goin' right now. No ifs or maybees!. Finally there's the latest installment in the Rolling Stones tribute series with both Sky Saxson and the Liars takin' the honors this go round, with Sky winnin' out with a cool version of The Singer Not The Song.
Go get 'm all!.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Haven't seen it yet, but word is that is pretty solid and legal, or as Cheetah Chrome puts it "Oh yea,it's official! As a matter of fact,it's about the most official thing we've ever done! I highly recommend it".

22-20s - 22-20s (EMI LP).
Bein' out of touch as I am with everything happening on a mainstream level I failed to catch up with this disc whenever it first came out. But hey, it's not that good ol' blighty threw up much of worth in the past two decades as far as this rockin' stuff goes. But lo 'n behold, here's that rare artifact: a genuinely good British LP !. 22-20s do that blues-inspired thing limeys once had nailed to perfection but hasn't been heard since the first Screaming Blue Messiahs disc way back when. A friend of mine referred to this as "a major label interpretation of the Reigning Sound", and that ain't too far from reality, and not a bad thing per sé. Wailin' slide and pumpin' Hooker-ish boogies coupled w/ the occasional non-lame ballad are the main ingredients here and sure make a tasty dish. Whether they're able to cut it on stage (hardly the Brits major asset) is another matter entirely, but in the meantime I'll be spinnin' this well into the new year...

Finally got to see End Of The Century in Amsterdam last night where it was screened as part of the International Documentary Film Festival, and man, was it ever worth the wait!. Sure, I know the Ramones story by heart; but even for someone as jaded as myself the film held a lot of surprises. Not so much the archival material (excellent tho' it was) but the fact that finally all the right people (ie the band themselves and those part of their inner sanctum) finally opened-up and admitted, on-camera, all the rumors that have been spreading like wildfire ever since the band broke-up that this was in fact not a happy family. Seeing and hearing the three very distinct but radically different personalities tell their tale was both enlightening and sad. Johnny the drill sergeant who was able to keep the show rollin' for all those years thru' sheer determination, Joey the geeky kid with compulsive behavior disorder who saved himself by becoming the singer in a rock band and Dee Dee the eternal junkie misfit with the songwriting talent. As for the others: Tommy was able to save his ass early on by jumping ship while the others (Marky, C.J. and Richie) were always too one-dimensional to be on the same level as the triumvirate. The interviews with Johnny and Dee Dee especially are the highlights of the movie with the latter displaying a large amount of deadpan humor that saves things from getting too serious. Well paced and focusing on both the internal turmoil and the bigger picture (let's not forget these guys are among the best ever, no ifs or maybees), End Of The Century is mandatory viewing for all NBT readers, no excuses excepted...
Late Note: as in previous videos there was jet another short snippet of the London Rainbow show from Dec 31 1977 included, this show demands the full DVD treatment ASAP!
The Star Spangles are looking for a female rock & roll band to join 'em at CBGBs on New Years Eve. Anybody interested might want to drop the guys a line via

The River City Rebels are also on the bill and there's hardly any money in it but it might be good for a little exposure. You kids know that money isn't everything, right?
Just saw this from Ben... Very sorry to hear that this fine New York store will disappear...

"Hey Folks -

A bittersweet Rock n Roll Bash!


Wowsville Records going away party

Thurs December 2:

At Siberia – 356 W. 40th Street at 9th Avenue
Doors 8:30PM
Cover TBA

This show is a send off for NYCs ONLY punk rock record store, Wowsville Records on 125 2nd Avenue. Alberto Camarasa and his wife Sonia opened the store 5 years ago this December. The couple moved from Spain and knew no one; in 5 years time, the store became THE punk/garage record store, hangout, meeting spot, make shift happy
hour in NYC.

Wowsville was also a shrine to some of NYCs most important bands, especially THE RAMONES – rare vinyl, memorabilia, posters, videos and, of course the photos. The store had an amazing collection of punk photos for sale by Roberta Bayley, Godlis and others. NYC artist and scene-hopper Mark Khostabi painted a recent series
honoring his old haunts in the East Village– he decided to include Wowsville in a painting because he felt it too has become a landmark. And Lux Interior and Poison Ivy from the Cramps dropped by their last time in town to say hi and spend some money!

Alberto is also a tireless promoter of bands that he loves – go into his store around the time of a release by a band in his favor and you'd hear it ALL WEEK LONG –he would make people buy new releases by such bands as BLACK LIPS, LITTLE KILLERS, TYRADES, THE SPITS and THE LIDS among many many others. Also, when many of these bands were on tour, they would always make sure to pay a visit. This was the
meeting place for the underground punk and garage scene both locally
and nationally and it will be sorely missed!"

Anybody out there know why? Other than the fact that these fine people are obviously suffering financially for their art.
It's been a slow week in blog terms then... just got back from a few days in "the london". The original schlepp was planned around a trip to see THE SOLUTION at Dingwalls but said show was duly cancelled due to a lack of taste or honour in the venue department. Not sure which exactly but both are equally heinous. Anyway, armed with train tix - we didn't "pull the gig" and set off on a wee adventure which included The Detroit Cobras(again), The Dirty Water Club and The Boogaloo (or the Buglaoo in Sid and Marty Kroft circles. The Kroft Circles would make a good band name, not bad for this time on a Sunday am, eh?)

Anyways, Wednesday was "travel day" and allowed me to consider what had "gone wrong" at The DC show the night before. Oh yeah, it was Rachel's fault... Thursday was Chiswick day and it's reassuring to find that you still can't get anything much to eat between the hours of 2.30 and 5pm down there if what you had in mind wasn't McDonalds. To the Cobras show then and another valiant attempt by the Sonic Reducer boys to keep the whole thing afloat using beer and some old 45's. Another wholly inappropriate support act, The Duke Spirit laid their emptius cackophonous upon us and, well sucked basically. Joss and Joe later reported that the opening band from Glasgow did a better set at the aftershow club in Glasgow, mighta been a bit of rabbit brought upon by "the drink", maybe not. However, The Glesgae mob, Kain were like a breath of fresh air compared to this, new wave of Hazel O' Connor bollocks. The Detroit Cobras were pretty much the same only louder. I like the Electric Ballroom for a show though. What was it down to this time? Em... oh aye, Rachel.

I don't know what this girl is gonna do when they ban smoking in venues. Just stand there bored? She has a great voice and surely it isn't asking to much for some interaction? Even if she was just more obnoxious and confrontational or something but she's the weak link here. Meanwhile, to her immediate left, Mari - the guitar player - is performing for two or more. Like a little terrier rassling with her instrument, she has to overcompensate for R who will do a little shuffle, roll her eyes and make a funny little move with her neck. Even this is good to raise the ante. The other guys in the band keep their ends up too. Paricularly the drummer Dave (who is on loan from The Sights). What he did to deserve this penance isn't clear but he's being punished for something. Heck of a deposit in the karma bank for you sir... It wouldn't take much to make this band really great, to live up to the press release that Geoff Travis wrote for them. They are capable but the main protaganist needs a good hard kick up the arse. Who might be prepared to do that though is another question entirely...

Friday night, we hit up PJ's famed Dirty Water club and it's a fine venue. With a bit of better planning - we'd have been there to see The Scientists a fortnightish before but got there when Black Moses were on. Good name, tired retro - bordering on Kravitz - boogie. They make me wish The Hellacopters were there running a course on how this sorta thing should be tackled. Detroit man, Jawbone on the other hand is an entirely different proposition. A one man twisted blues-bustin' sensation that sees off the competition without actually straining. He's got the chops and the chutzpah and even a grasp of the dynamics that it takes to hold a crowd's attention. He's clearly doomed but won't be going without a fight and who knows. it may even catch on. Support him, support his cause because verily he rocks! Next up is Swearing At Motorists, which I do a bit of myself. Here's a bit of the blurb to set the scene... "the Motorists pack a punch that’s more rock and roll than Jack White would ever want to be. With drummer Joseph Siwinski coming across as a modern day Cheetah Chrome and Doughman’s manic on-stage Pete Townsend as rock’n’roll preacher persona, they’ve beendubbed “the two-man Who” by some sections of the press. Their! songs, however, are heartbreakingly honest songs about the every day, “the soundtracks to the b-movie of my life” says Doughman, and that means there’s plenty of space for melancholy, bittersweet country interludes invoking the legendary names of Hank Williams and Neil Young in amongst the full-on rock’n’roll of the aforementioned Who, AC/DC, New Bomb Turks, etc."

Bollocks. It was evangelical alright. The curly permed misanthrope that fronts the band made this big dramatic entrance and limped into a vapid strop that sent our small band running for the exit. More charisma free retro pish, this time from Ohio. Just say no thankyou... what poor Cheetah did to get his name in this frame is beyond me. As far as I know, Mr o'Connor never looked like a cross between Pete Townshend and John Walters.

The evening closes with the Sonic Reducer boys dragging those record boxes out again for their regular stint up the road at The Boogaloo. Good music in excellent surroundings with people who seem to appreciate it. Another alien concept. Hurrah then, I'm too auld for all this but can't seem to stop myself. Had to miss Dan Baird last night but "ye cannae dae it a'". I gotta go get gas and hit up Tesco now, that's reality for ya.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

The Master Plan, featuring Andy Shernoff (Dictators), Keith Streng & Bill Milhizer (Fleshtones) and Paul Johnson (Waxing Poetics) return to action in early December with Canadian strategy meetings scheduled for December 2; The Horseshoe, Toronto, December 3; The Corktown, Hamilton, December 4; Call the Office, London.
It's an easy target of course, but I thought this rant on the Makers was pretty funny; Letters Have No Arms: Early Stuff My Ass.
On last nights showing at King Tuts in Glasgow those Detroit Cobras did little to rise above being a bar band with an eye for superior covers. Dunno what was wrong but it seemed like Rachel Nagy couldn't really be arsed. It just never ignited, y'know. I mean they're "good", but maybe our expectations, in this event, were too high. The Sonic Reducer Tag Team set the mood nicely like a two headed Andy Dunkley and the woeful opening act tried their damndest to tear that down. The SRTT was the reigning sound though for sure. Hopefully it was just an off night for The Cobras then...

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Rocky Dragster is considering a bid on this...
Does this mean a Pure Hell album will be out soon?.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Want an Australian punk discography or a listing of punk 8-tracks? Then why not pay a visit to A site that is all things to those who remember indie rock as it was in the 70s and 80s.
The people at Detroit Rock & Roll have put together a well impressive resource with links-a-plenty to bands and artists from the 1950s to the present. Heck, they even have a link for the Shy Guys!
A big "thank you" to Eric Fusco for taking a bunch of pictures of the Waldos and the Master Plan at The Continental the other night and for placing them on the web. And yes, that is the one and only Gordon Russell Spaeth playing harmonica with the Waldos! Good to see "The Wheelman" back where he belongs.

News from STEREO TOTAL...

"Our new album is finished! It is called "Do the Bambi" ­Cover by Cabine with photos from Simgil. Almost one hour of crazy sounds & with very special guests. There will be a Double-LP! In Europe and Japan, "Do the Bambi" will be released by Disko B on the 28th of February 05 and in the US by Kill Rock Star on the 25th of January 05.(The US-version will contain more English versions of the songs, and there will be a special French edition with more songs in French.) Look forward to the great remixes which will come out on special singles."

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Seven inch wonders of the world:
Time to shift the hi-fi back into high gear so I can give you the lowdown on a couple of recent 45s. On top of the pile it's the Devil Dolls who's All Dolled Up double 7" (Corduroy) features some ace p-rock sounds in the early Raw Records vain but gets spoiled somewhat by weak vocals/lyrics. No such trouble with the Dirtbombs obviously; Crash Down Day/Ha Ha Ha (also on Corduroy) was recorded live in the studio down under, tho' I'd have preferred something along the lines of an actual "production" job there's no denyin' that these guys can cut it under any circumstance, and dig the Flipper tune on the, uh, flipside. From Fortune Teller comes a Dirtbombs/Gories split, the later w/ a track from their final LP, while the Dirtbombs song (A great take on Eno's King's Lead Hat) was only available on initial CD copies of their recent full-length. The Gun Club's Walkin' With The Beast/Secret Fires (Sympathy) is easily the most essential of this batch. Walkin' is a completely different take from the Las Vegas Grind version while Secret Fires is a great acoustic tune w/ plenty o' pedalsteel thrown in that makes it's vinyl debut here. My old crony Jos De Groot has recently set up his own label; A Fist Full Of Records. The first release was a bit of a let down, but he sure makes up for it with by putting out the debut EP by one-man band Jeffrey Novak. Goners 're gonna flip!. Contact Jos here for ordering info. Finally there's the White Stripes latest; Jolene/Do (XL) sees Jack butcherin' Dolly's tune in full Robert Plant mode. The first serious wrong in their career, maybe it is time to pull the plug... So there you have it, more on the little ones as they reach my doorstep.
The answer "comp" to that upcoming Koch thing...

The Gizmos ROCK & ROLL DON'T COME FROM NEW YORK (Gulcher 425)

When Dale Lawrence and Billy Nightshade took over the reins of Bloomington, Indiana's Gizmos in 1978, the band became one of the earliest (and one of the best) midwestern punk rock outfits. Taking their cues from the first wave of British punk (the Jam, Sex Pistols, especially the Vibrators), these new Gizmos combined raw energy with a classic pop sensibility. Their songs had a keen ear for melody, with lyrics that were concise and funny, equal parts youthful alienation ("Pay," "Tell Me Why"), regional pride ("Rock & Roll Don't Come From New York," "The Midwest Can Be Allright"), and reflection upon rock itself ("Progressive Rock","Reggae Song").

The Gizmos force-fed the new punk sensibility to a befuddled midwestern college town throughout 1979. Frustrated by perpetual outsider status in Indiana, they relocated to New York in 1980, recorded their most ambitious material, and broke up a year later. Cassettes of live shows circulating back in Bloomington would prove
to be the group's most lasting legacy, inspring a generation of Hoosier musicians, including future Blake Babies John Strohm and Freda Love.

The somewhat rootsier tinge of the band's New York recordings foreshadowed things to come: Lawrence would go on to front the Vulgar Boatmen, whose repertoire still includes several Gizmos titles ("Heartbeat," "Cry Real Tears," "Tilt-a-Whirl"), while guitarist Tim Carroll established an alt-country presence in Nashville, penning
tunes covered by the likes of John Prine and Robbie Fulks.

With 25 tracks recorded from 1979 to 1981, ROCK & ROLL DON'T COME FROM NEW YORK is the first comprehensive compilation from the latter-day Gizmos. Included are highlights from their 1980 split album with Dow Jones & The Industrials, HOOSIER HYSTERIA, and many never-released favorites culled from live tapes. Remastered
for CD by fellow Hoosier punk Paul Mahern (Zero Boys), this 2004 Gulcher release comes with a 16-page booklet featuring rare flyers, several unpublished photos, and liner notes by Dale Lawrence. ORDER HERE or HERE.

For details on upcoming Gizmos gigs over the holidays in Bloomington and Indianapolis, maybe Chicago and St. Louis too, subscribe HERE

The latest instalment of Richard Meltzer’s fly on the wall exposé of life as a STAR SPANGLE is up for your reading pleasure, visit the HISTORY section and it’ll hit you a’tween the peepers. There’s also an op to right those wrongs some of you may be harbouring about not having their records. Bargains abound in the BUY section of their cyberganghut. Meanwhile the band is holed up in Berkeley, CA recording the follow up to Bazooka! for a (hopefully) Spring 2005 release.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The A-Bones - Daddy Wants A Cold Beer (Norton 2CD).
Compared to their other enterprises (Norton Record and Kicks magazine), Billy and Miriam's musical output never really got the kind of credit it deserved. Sure, everybody was sympathetic to their sounds because the dynamic duo was involved, but how many out there actually spun their records on a regular basis?. Well, that wrong can now be righted with this gigundo round-up set of odds 'n ends that actually far surpasses their regular albums.
After the more straight forward rockabilly of the Zantees, The A-Bones took their inspiration from just about anyone that provided a pure rock & roll sound, Heinz, The Velvet Underground, Joe South, The Turbines you name it, and molded it into their own patented sound. And the level of excitement they created is way beyond the scope of mere mortals and it's impact should never be underestimated. Close to 50 tracks of Hi-Calorie and well intoxicated rock action and liner notes that rival War and Peace in length but are closer to age old copies of Mad magazine as far as entertainment goes. Do I sense the perfect X-mas gift here?...
I was going to rip into the Band Aid video for the new version of "Don't They Know It's Christmas" that premiered on TV tonight. To call it dreadful would be to damn it with faint praise. I've no problem with people donating to a cause, provided that 100% of that donation gets to where it's needed. The value of the raw material and press acreage could surely be valued and directed toward those coffers. Better that than to manufacture all the landfill that the hard copies of the cd, etc will undoubtedly end up as. Anyway, I find the whole thing fairly reprehensible and I'm sure that the artists concerned will enjoy a bumper festering season in terms of sales of their individual crimes against music.

Anyways, I found that the Z/28 site works now so you can check that out.

Also, the BARRACUDAS BLOG is up and running so have a scoot around there also.

Koch are set to release a comp called New York Rocks! in January which features all your faves. Directed at a younger crowd who've been sold a pup in the form of The Str*kes, etc. I wonder if this won't be a tad too spicy for that palette. Anyways...

Hazel Rigby - she's the Next Big Thing... (Thanks to Amy for the heads up)...

Once again, Patrick B ventures into the front line for your reading pleasure...


If you like the Cramps and/or the Shangri-Las-Donnas-Killer Barbies and /or electronic-garage music and sexy rock’n’roll with attitude, you’re gonna love ELECTROCUTE (a mixture of electricity and execute – Actually, The Donnas started out as The Electrocutes). The new album from these Berliners is just out and is called “Troublesome Bubblegum”. They qualify their music as primitive rock’n’roll, which is not surprising when you know they cite Poison Ivy as a role model. The album features 2 videos, one called “Electrocute Kill!Kill!” with commentary by Tura Satana. Other highlights on this album are : a new version of “Kleine Dicker Junge” (means “Little Chubby Boy”), a superb ballad called “Goodbye Johnny” and “Venus Fly Trap” featuring Boy From Brazil, Nicole’s husband – also formerly of the Golden Showers.

ELECTROCUTE feature Nicole Morier’s (born in New Mexico) electro-beats, raunchy guitar and feral vocals and the brand new & cute Holly Doll’s(exit Mia Dime)seductive and humorous vocals, blew – er, I meant were a blast. The show began with with a powerful “sugar buzz” version of Link Wray’s “Rumble” and continued with originals tunes like “Nobody Like Us”, “Fun Is A Floppy Bitch”, their brand new single… Sometimes, Nicole left her guitar and Holly Doll pushed a program button and sang together and even came into the audience. Their anti Bush comments were very much appreciated. Despite a fun, powerful show, the sparse crowd was rather static (sorry girls) but enthusiastic. Nicole and Holly Doll didn’t seem too disappointed and they enjoyed the Weird War show (ex Make Up, from Washington, DC.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The BBC's Top of the Pops videoarchive is well worth diggin' thru for an hour or so. No complete songs alas, but where else can you see the likes of the Bishops, Rezillos, Ramones, Slade, Sweet, Generation X, Dr Feelgood et f'in' cetera...?

Monday, November 15, 2004

It's that time of the year again; people want "best of" lists... From the top of my head, 2004 has seen some fine wax by the Boonaraaas, Reigning Sound, Ghetto Ways, Blues Explosion, Hives, Solution etc. but I could sure use some suggestions from your end to fill out this shortlist. Just leave your faves in the comments section...

Big Star by Rob Jovanovic (Fourth Estate).
When previously mentioned Joss already gave this one the thumbs up in the comments, and after finishing it earlier today I can do naught but agree. Big Star's tale spelled out in book format is way overdue, and even tho' Jovanovic ain't the kind of writer who makes you pull records from the shelves thanks to his contagious enthusiasm, the facts are here and he doesn't shoehorn himself into the story. Minor complaints concern the discography, which looks lifted, warts 'n all, from Crawdaddy Simon's Chilton pages (compare tracklisting for the Ork EP for evidence) and sadly lacks a complete list of LX's production work (Cramps, Panther Burns, Gories etc). But besides that I can't find a reason why any selfrespecting NBT reader would not dig this.

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Cool recent interview with Crime's Johnny Strike.
I had no idea, but it seems that Terry Ork has recently joined the big-boss-a-go-go party in the sky. Just take a look at the small but perfect stack o' wax the guy put out; Little Johnny Jewel, Blank Generation, Free Again, The Way You Touch My Hand. No way am I gonna go to sleep tonight before havin' spun 'em in tribute. RIP Terry.

Ork Records discography

Non record geeks can skip this post, but I hope there's somebody out there among the rest of you who is able to fill in the blank in the below discography or has any extra data/info on this label. No reason in particular, just that I enjoy putting this kinda stuff together even if it means another round of laughs from people who pretend to actually have a life. And yeah, the fruits of Terry Ork's short-lived enterprise would make a great CD comp, anybody out there willing and able to burn the complete set for me in exchange for eternal gratitude?.

ORK 81975 Television - Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2.
ORK 81976 Richard Hell - Another World/You Gotta Lose, Blank Generation
ORK 81977 Marbles - Red Light/Fire And Smoke
ORK 81978 Alex Chilton - The Singer Not The Song EP
ORK 81979 Prix - Girl, Everytime I Close My Eyes/Zero
ORK 81980 Mick Farren - Play With Fire/Lost Johnny
ORK 81981 Link Cromwell - Crazy Like A Fox/Shock Me
ORK 81982 Chris Stamey - Summer Sun/Where The Fun Is
ORK 81983
ORK 81984 Feelies - Fa Ce'La/Big Plans (unreleased)
ORK 81985 Blue Vein - Get off My Cloud/Connection (unreleased)

ORK NYC 1 Television - Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2/Little Johnny Jewel Pt 1 & 2 (live) 12"
ORK NYC 2 Idols - You/Girl That I Love
ORK NYC 3 Revelons - The Way You Touch My Hand/96 Tears
ORK NYC 5 Cheetah Chrome - Still Wannna Die/Take Me Home
ORK NYC 5 Student Teachers - Christmas Weather/Channel 13

Notes: #76 also released in the UK on Stiff, #78 re-issued in Spain by Munster and was produced by Andy Shernoff's pal Jon Tiven who was also involved in #79, #80 has Marky Ramone (nee Bell) on drums, #81 re-issued by Norton (Link Cromwell is in fact Lenny Kaye doin' a Sonny Bono kinda thing back in the 60s), #82 produced by Alex Chilton...
Update: 84 was never released. Added NYC 5 which adds the quest for NYC 4. With thanks to those who have responded so far.
2nd Update: The above list is pretty much final. Please check the comments for additional info. Thanks to all of you who came up with data and facts, I really, realy apreciate it!.
Straight outta Blackpool.

Punk Rock and ultra-leaded noise petroleum to keep your gas guzzlin' eye on the dial. JSNTGM stands for Just Say No To Government Music and feels like one of those labels that operates in Eastern Europe. The split SICK 56/HIGGINS++ 45 is etched on plate thick vinyl which could be classed as a weapon in the wrong hands. The music is 77 style and the H++ fellas update Jello's CA paen to be Cool Brittania.

Z/28 hail from Edinburgh. I've seen 'em a couple of times over the many years they've been together and they're great live. Snarling NPH type barnstorming fused with a surf sensibility that sounds a little thin on cd but there's no way i could play this as loud as it really should be played. Not without removing the roughcast. Girl on the cover looks a little like Drea De Matteo. Havin' a lollipop before she goe's lookin' for Silvio and Christofah. Sure you've heard it all before but it's fun and it was brewed in a city not known for producing much in the way of rock'n'roll over the years. A castle they can do but...
ODB died before he got very old at all...
It was thirty years ago today...

Saturday, November 13, 2004

I'm sure Lindsay will be overjoyed, but here's the latest from the sailor camp: Turbonegro are recording. To quote Happy-Tom : "It sounds like a combo of Joan Jett, Shostakovich and Van Halen, pretty rockin stuff." Who can't wait to hear it !???.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Ok so the catch up begins with the recent GET HIP crop... let's get straight to it.

THE BAMBOO KIDS self titled eleven songer plus video reinforces my problem with the three-piece. For me, such beasties always seem to lack something. There are exceptions of course but in the main I find 'em clunky. There's nothing about this album that raises it above bog standard. It might make sense live but on the strength of this, I wouldn't be taking any chances.

THE PRIESTS "TALL TALES" fares a little better but some early Doors-isms flim flam my radar. The singer reminds me of Stiv but there's no sign of a Cheetah to foil it if you knowworimean? It's all a little faux psychedelic and I'd say these clergy need a little more ecumenical schooling in the individuality department. Younger, less jaded types might be able to get past the more obvious comparisons then. Old grumpy heard it all here needs more to get his sonic jollies.

SLEEPYKID's "MONDAY MORNING SMILE" continues a triumvirate of releases that fall a little short of any kind of excitement. It's more yer powerpop. Kinda like Big Star but played by The posies instead of the originals. The Lennonesque vocal recalls O*sis and this is not a positive. What is with wanting to make it sound so damned anglo? Don't we foist enough of that shit from here as it is?? What happened to that old US spirit of being able to turn the tables on this lily-livered pish? The result is a constricted rehash of music I never cared for in the first place.

All is not lost though... THE SIRENS eponymous debut has already been flagged up by J but I just wanted to add my two thumbs up to his recommendation. Compared to all of those previous guys they sound as bright as the proverbial button and blast away the cobwebs with a sizeable stackheeled boot on the monitor to bolster effect. They muster a big eff-off clout of a sound, unfeasibly nostalgic and a breath of fresh gasoline at the same time. These lassies do for glam what The Detroit Cobras do for revved up soul and original form R&B. And? They're from bloody Detroit.

As are THE PAYBACKS whose "HARDER AND HARDER" is more contemporary Motor City rock. They're not harking back to anything in particular just belting out a muscular riff-totin' torrent of guitarslingin'. This brew be percolated to maximum strength and "When I'm Gone" is a wake up call to "Smells Like" Grungesters that Wendy Case can outkurt Cobain any ol' day. A smoker!!
The Master Plan, the ace RnR tag-team trained by Paul Johnson that includes members of the Fleshtones and the Dictators, return to the ring over the next month with all-action bouts in New York and Canada. For details of the venues, along with reviews of their debut season, check out their page on the Total Energy website. An unconfirmed report indicates that "the boys" have recently returned from a secret training location and intend to present their foes with further cause for concern. Our mole reveals that each new move has been meticulously planned and stren(g)uously rehearsed but all remain within the spirit of the sport. The "Human Pyramid" should not be banned!
This weekend I'm gonna try to get to grips with some of the listening I haven't been able to undertake for various reasons. Mostly that I get up at 5.30am, have a half hour on the computer then go to work. I realise this routine is nuts but I'm kinda stuck with it for now. As a result, I'm usually pegged out by about 9pm but I need to get this sorted or I really will end up looking like Crazy Guggenheim.

At this point, a big shout out to Ms Teresa Ott who will be celebrating a half century on the planet this weekend with her homies. Awrabest Missus!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Nomads will play the Kafe Antzokia in Bilbao (Sp) on the 27th.
Vinyl Carvers - the answer to yer 45rpm prayers, kids!

Hey folks

You may remember my recent, rather too excitable blather about Vinyl Carvers, a company based in North London which will cut you one-off, large centre hole, 45rpm singles for £15 a shot ... Weeell, after living with a trio of these marvels for a week, I can confirm that they're the answer to every vinyl head's dreams ... I sent the good folks at Vinyl Carvers a CD with six tracks on - a mix of real rare '60s garage & beat 45s, unreleased soul stuff, and a coupla modern tracks which nivver made it to vinyl - and a few days later, the 45s arrived in the mail ... WOW!

Vinyl Carvers' jukebox 45s are 2mm thick, glossy black slabs o'wax with plain labels, they sound AWESOME, and last as long as regular 45s, unlike the acetate dubplates of yore ... The sound is bright, full, and more dynamic than the CDs which the tracks were burnt off ... I can now spin kool CD-only cuts like You Am I's Rumble and Ruby Johnson's I'd Rather Fight Than Switch off'a vinyl - wahey! Jeez, Louise, I had two rare as shit Memphis garage tunes - which I'd recently been quoted prices of $500 and $130 for the originals of - cut as a jukebox 45, at the cost of £15! Now, THAT'S great value! And extra copies of any 45 you have cut are only £10 ... Vinyl Carvers take PayPal, and you can even email them high quality audio files to cut from ... How's about THEM apples?

So do yerselves a favour, and visit VINYLCARVERS today! Tina and Werner will do you rite!


Joss Hutton, Sonic Reducer

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

RIP: Roger Johnston (The Monks).
It occurred tae me that you folks from far-flung places might be inclined toward investigating the world of Scottish Pop. A wee root aboot JOCKROCK! should hit the spot then...


"A confrontational oral history of New York punk through the dark, sinister world of Suicide. An explosive docu-biography of New York's most subversive punk band Suicide, who along with the New York Dolls, the Ramones, Blondie, Television and Talking Heads defined the US punk scene centered around Max's Kansas City and CBGB's. Suicide came to prominence in the UK as special guests of The Clash on their first British tour. Their synthesizer-based, energy-laden performance was not well received: they were bottled off every night, Vega often sustaining serious injury.

The book features new interview material with many of the leading lights of the NY punk scene, including Alan Vega and Martin Rev from the band, as well as Debbie Harry and Chris Stein from Blondie, Moby, Henry Rollins, Marc Almond, Bobby Gillespie (Primal Scream), Jim Reid (Jesus & Mary Chain), Lydia Lunch, Jane County amongst others. A high quality, illustrated hardback with over 100 photos and memorabilia from Vega and Rev's own archives, Nobakht's penetrating biography graphically recreates the world of '70s New York City.

Hardback ISBN: 0 946719 71 3 Publication: November 2004.

Signed copies will be available for early orders - 224 pages (illustrated).

Welcome to the wonderful world of
PIPEDOWN. Thanks to Ms Karen McB of Goofenhaus Industries for the info...
Yesterday's "sermon" was one of those "better out than in" type situations. Thanks to all of yer who e-mailed in concern for my well being. It's how I feel folks, what can I tell ya!? My Christmas vitriol is percolating nicely.

Anyways, today it seems like we'll break the 80,000 visitors mark. We're rackin' 'em up here... more, um... later.

Monday, November 08, 2004

According to “the paperwork”, yours truly is set to retire in 2022. The spate of untimely exits recently has got me thinking that one might not (feasibly) make it to that. And, would that necessarily be a bad thing? It’s true that when you’re in the thick of something then it’s difficult to see the wood for the bloody big trees. This can manifest itself as someone you expect to be around forever "shooting the craw". Somebody who has been part of your life practically daily or at the very least has positively enhanced your existence when you do have contact.

Things can happen. Stuff outwith any modicum of control. Anything. Often stupid things, but then again those are the things that fester most. Of couse there's always the other side. What about privacy, what about giving people space to function? It's a difficult one and like Larry (David) says? What exactly is the cut off point for calling people at home?? Anyways, I digress - as someone of my late years is prone to do. These thoughts of mortality have got me to thinking that I’d like to be in touch with people more. Where the time is gonna come from to take care of this desire is another thing entirely but the spirit is most definitely willing.

Maybe it’s something to do with being another year older but I’m definitely dwelling on the fact that I’m running outta time and it’s not entirely pleasant. Bridges require building or in some quarters, at the very least some maintenance - and I’m not sure where to start. Help me out, I’m repenting in relative leisure here.

Have you been in any Virgin or HMV stores recently? Whoa Nelly! That awful bumming “in-store” V radio station blasting out intolerable shite and in HMV, the same but I’m not sure it’s a “radio” format. I’m too old and it was definitely too loud. If you’re going to a record store, go to one where the staff pick the music. At least then it has a human edge. Anyway, I wanted to score some Sopranos on DVD but even in the sale they were too expensive. You can get them £15 a piece cheaper on Amazon, that’s all I’m saying. Plus you don’t have to deal with the scumhordes.

During yesterday’s schlepp to Edinburgh, we saw the movie BAD SANTA. Haven’t seen many films this year but figured that it was there and so were there, so... It doesn’t live up to its press (what does? – apart from here of course - ha flippin' ha) but it’s a reasonable enough diversion. Billy Bob Thornton’s Santa isn’t so much obnoxious as a whiner but there is some superlative cussing and politically incorrect dialogue. Tony Cox steals the whole show and I guess it was John Ritter’s last hurrah before he shuffled offa this mortal coil. Which I guess brings us neatly to where we began with all this.

To end on a slightly upbeat note, there’s a cool Christmas song by a band called Bunnygrunt in the closing credits also. I love a good Christmas tune but I’m not keen on the season to be jolly. Hoo ‘boot yersel’?

Sunday, November 07, 2004

So, I know what you're thinking. Does the Suzy Y Los Quattro album live up to expectations? After all these were big-ass hopes and y'know what happens when you have a bunch of those in tow?? Well fear not, because the actual short but sweet 11 song disc will pound it's way into the hardest punk (poppin' rock'n'roll) heart within seconds of hitting that cd tray (or turntable). This Eurovisionary combo have all the chops down and the promise of those early singles have been more than realised. Kicking off with "Lipstick To Japan", it's hard not to smirk your face off. The world can certainly use a group like this right about now. Of course it's not ground-breaking or pushing back the frontiers of music but it sure is a blast and will ease the weight of your existence wherever you choose to hammer it out. It'll blow a shot of summer through these cold dark winter days and nights and you'll be fully conversant with it by the time the days start drawing out. I wish Joey had been around to sing backup on "Hey Lil Sister" but it sounds like he's in there somewhere anyway and the finale "Did You Ever" has some fine rasping sax ripping through it like Andy Mackay added to those Mott The Hoople 45's. Nothing else for it 'cept to hit replay. Get it direct from No Tomorrow or Soundflat or wherever groovy records be sold.

Look out also, for a Japanese compilation of all their singles and rogue tracks including a cover of Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It". These kids have taste and y'know what, I think they could well take it... straight to the bridge!!

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Those in the UK might wanna check the John Peel tribute on BBC TWO tonight.

So long, Fred Dibnah - Steeplejack.
Brian Wilson in SF… the Don Daly Report!

“saw brian wilson at the symphony hall. wow!!!!! holy moley, was he GREAT!!! best thing since mccartney. easily THE show of the year. i mean i'd heard raves - and even heard the whole smile section from the show beforehand but i wasn't prepared for this. it was everything people said it was but ten times better.
it started out with him and a few people (the wondermints i guess) backing him up -- huddled together in front of the stage. a guy on bongos, couple of guys on acoustic guitars -- in other words it was like a little beach bongo party. also there was this super hot blonde gal who sang and played some percussion. brian wore a short sleeve green floral (almost hawaiian) short. he looked alright. not at all disturbing - let's put it that way. and they opened with "surfer girl". before long i started to get sweaty. this was gonna be heavy. they did some other old beach boys nuggets --unplugged -- including "wendy". that was killer. absolute perfect harmonies. brian sang lead all night with others doing his falsettoes. okay, after they already blew everyone's mind with that section, they took their places filling the stage -- drummer behind full drum kit -- percussionists, keyboards, bassist, 3 guitars. and they did "sloop john b". i lost it! my eyes filled up and i almost had to walk out for a second. and i wasn't alone. from here on almost every song received a standing ovation. "this is paul mccartney's favorite song ever" he proudly proclaimed before doing a killer version of "god only knows". they ran thru a bunch of classics -- "california girls", "please let me wonder", "our hearts were full of spring", lots more... everything! plus the title cut from his new album - which wasn't bad. then an intermission. people were already talking about how insanely great it was and we hadn't even heard "smile" yet. i mean everyone was just stunned. okay so he comes back and now he's got a 20 piece band - he's added strings and horns. and they do the entire "smile" album spectacular. completely absorbing. starts with the acapella "our prayer" and then a really powerful rendition of "heroes and villains". all of the reservations i had about seeing a mentally ill person onstage were totally unfounded. i mean he was totally together. he sat behind a keyboard and rarely played but i mean he was right there the whole time. went thru the whole smile piece and it's just astounding - i mean - really heavy.

the string section all wore fire hats during "mrs o'leary's cow" and they even had a fire hose -- they had this whole thing choreographed.
they went thru the whole thing -- "surf's up" - the whole fantastic -- well--- symphony. ending with "good vibrations". and then he went off to wild cheers and they came back shortly and all the musicians were introduced one by one and then came a whole nuther set of beach boys stuff starting with "do it again" and moving on to "fun fun fun" and "help me rhonda" and all that. it was like wash dc 4th of july! brian picked up the bass for "barbara ann" and then he saluted chuck berry and ended up with "surfin' usa". and this is the symphony hall! the aisles were full-- people clapping and dancing, including rodney bingenheimer (whom i shook hands with as he was leaving).
brian came back for one more encore... "okay, no more rock n' roll, gonna leave you with a nice quiet one". and he did "love and mercy" (much better than the record). good vibrations all around!”
-- don

Then comes Part Two… Don had lost it to the extent that he hadn’t reported on the hardware… Goes something like this…

Don- Dead on awesome review! But no comments on all the different guitars?

The man, having gained his composure by this time duly did his duty…

“okay... you asked for it... that's funny -- right after i sent that out i realized i hadn't mentioned the guitars and then i wrote an addendum but only sent it to the guitar players. so now i'll bore everyone else and you can all blame andy.
ok... there were some pretty cool axes up there, mostly from the guy in the orange shirt with the cap. first the gibson j-200 during the bongo party. this was particularly great on "wendy" when he and the other guy traded off on those chords in the instr break. then that guy had the guitar i currently have the madness for: a white fender jazzmaster. in fact for the last month or so i've been trying to decipher prices on them at japanese websites. i saw one on ebay and very nearly put in a bid. just the other day i saw one on haight street but it was blue. it's gotta be beach boys white with red pickguard or not at all!!
okay, that guy also had a danelectro six string bass. that was the blue sparkly thing. i've already got one of those.(in case i'm ever called upon to play the solo to "wichita lineman").
the other guy on that side of the stage had some nice hollow bodies.
first he had an epiphone 12 string which he used on "california girls"
and "dance dance dance". this was kinda like carl's gibson 12. this guy also had a nice white gibson 335 which he flipped over at the end and it said "smile" on the back. this guy also had a ukelele for that hawaiin bit from "smile".
then there was that other guy -- he had a black telecaster and also a danelectro 12 string which he somehow managed to play slide on. he also played banjo on "cabinessence".
i think they all had blackface fender reissue combo amps -- looked like twin reverbs. bass guy had a 5 (or 6) string gold fender bass. brian had a white fender precision bass (his trademark) which he plucked with his thumb-- in his classic style.

i think that was about it. thanks for the reminder andy”
- don

If Don says that was about it then verily that be it!